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The Cumberland Furniture Guild was started in September 2000, when seven Middle Tennessee fine furniture makers, brought together by a common interest in studio furniture, joined forces to create an organization that would foster creative craft, artistic integrity and expanded opportunities for the fine furniture community in the Middle Tennessee region. The decision was made to open the membership to any individual, group, or organization interested in our cause, including studio furniture makers, craft artists, hobbyists, and collectors.

Since its inception the Cumberland Furniture Guild has gone on to become an important resource for the furniture making community in our area, presenting biennial juried exhibitions, quarterly continuing education seminars, ongoing online discussions and other resources, and a continually expanding membership base. As we continue to build on these beginnings the Cumberland Furniture Guild will have even greater opportunities to influence the broader community’s awareness and understanding of fine furniture in our region.

The Cumberland Furniture Guild Logo was created by long time guild member Worth Squire.  It is an adaptation of the “Stent Panel”, a Seventeenth Century low-relief wood carving depicting a joiner and a turner at work in a shop which bears a striking resemblance to many of our shops today.

Stent Panel 7-09


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