Business Members

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Little Branch Farm

Phone: (615) 878-6216

Cell: (706) 573-8854

Address: 901 2nd Avenue S

Location: Nashville, Tennessee


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Woodcraft of Nashville

Phone: (615) 599-9638

Address: 209 South Royal Oaks Blvd,

Location: Franklin


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Supporting Members

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Alan Daigre

Location: Woodbury, Tennessee 37190


Alf Sharp

Company: Alfred Sharp Cabinetmaker

Phone: (615) 563-2831

Location: Woodbury, Tennessee 37190


Bruce Willey

Location: Nashville, Tennessee

Dale Shade

Company: Shade Woodworking

Location: Nashville, Tennessee


Dianne Patrick

Location: Nashville, TN

Graham Campbell

Location: Smithville, Tennessee 37166

Jay Platt

Location: Brentwood, Tennessee

Peggy Joseph

Location: Nashville, Tennessee 37205

Pennington Windsor Chairs

Company: Pennington Windsor Chairs

Phone: (615) 264-3578

Location: Hendersonville, Tennessee

Richard Sullivan

Company: Rosewalker Arts

Cell: (615) 876-8500

Location: Goodlettsville, Tennessee


Roger Gramm

Company: Just Plane Wood LLC

Phone: (615) 262-6246

Cell: (615) 500-6246

Address: 919 Gallatin Ave. #2 Nashville, TN 37206

Location: Nashville, Tennessee


Ron DePew

Company: Ron DePew Woodworking

Phone: (615) 305-7755

Cell: (615) 305-7755

Location: Murfreesboro, TN


Scott Moffett

Phone: (615) 476-0790

Cell: (615) 476-0790

Address: 3378 Sweeney Hollow Road Franklin, TN 37064-9575

Location: Franklin, Tennessee

Worth Squire

Location: College Grove, Tennessee

Regular Members

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Aaron Wells

Location: Cookeville, TN

Alex Useted

Phone: (615) 521-5494

Location: Nashville, TN

Andrew Garrabrants

Location: Nashville, TN

Chase Fisher

Location: Nashville, TN

Chris Barber

Phone: (615) 442-7770

Location: Nashville, TN

Craig White

Phone: (615) 289-7662

Location: Pegram, TN

Daren Gallman

Location: Shelbyville, TN 37160

David Knudtson

Location: Nashville Tn

David Moore

Location: Gallatin, Tennessee

Doug Snyder

Douglas Wooten

Phone: (615) 906-7517

Location: Nolensville, TN

George Peters

Phone: 859-433-7280

Location: Clarksville, TN

Gil Fuqua

Location: Nashville, Tennessee

J. Michael Floyd

Location: Cookeville, Tennessee

James Raines

Location: Brentwood, Tennessee 37027

John Bolds

Location: Nashville, Tennessee

John Cunningham

Location: Clarksville, Tennessee

John H. Newman

Location: Nashville, TN 37220

Kim Winkle

Location: Cookeville, TN

Len Reinhardt

Phone: (615) 319-4376

Location: Franklin, Tennessee

Lewis Justis

Location: Nolensville, Tennessee 37135

Nicholai Turner

Location: Nashville, Tennessee 37209

Phil Stoner

Phone: ‭(615) 236-9156‬

Location: Franklin, Tennessee

Ronald Young

Location: Chattanooga, TN

Tom John

Location: Nashville, Tennessee 37128

Travis Curtis

Location: Knights Creek, TN 37189

Will Raines

Phone: (615) 351-8427

Location: Nashville, Tennessee

Zev Goering

Location: Nashville, Tennessee 37206

Student Members

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Joshua Pack

Location: cookeville TN

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